Allium Sunburst Stakes, Set of 2


  • Powder-coated steel
  • Medium Allium Sunburst is 7-1/2″ in diameter x 37-1/2″ H overall, 33-1/2″ H installed
  • Large Allium Sunburst is 11″ in diameter x 40″ H overall, 36″ H installed
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive


  • Oversized alliums brighten the garden year-round
  • Brings an artful touch to shade gardens
  • Ombre finish adds depth and dimension
  • Set includes one Large and one Medium

Like a fireworks display, these stunning sunbursts bring a golden glow to shade gardens and brighten the winter landscape. They’re visible from afar and make an intriguing focal point. The ombre finish on these dynamic pieces of garden art ranges from gold on the outside to a coppery orange interior. Set of two, 11″ in diameter and 7-1/2″ in diameter.


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