Modular Raised Bed


  • Easy no-tools assembly
  • Zincalume® steel with Colorbond coating, plastic
  • 15″ H
  • Dimensions of four of the shape options: 4′ 9″ L x 3′ 11″ W; 6′ 10-1/2″ L x 1′ 9-1/2″ W; 5′ 5-1/2″ L x 3′ 3″ W or 3′ 3″ square
  • Open at bottom
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive


  • Give your garden a lift with this farmyard-chic modular planter
  • A modern and stylish take on galvanized trough planters
  • Space-intensive raised bed gardening produces high yields
  • Assemble the bed in one of various square and rectangular shapes

A stylish step up from popular galvanized trough planters, this eye-catching raised bed is made from extremely durable Zincalume® steel with Colorbond coating so it lasts up to four times longer than regular galvanized steel. Assemble the bed in one of several square and rectangular shapes. For example, as a long, narrow bed to tuck in between your driveway and house, as a traditional square bed, or choose from a variety of rectangular options. At 15″ high, it’s suitable for all types of vegetables, herbs and flowers and minimizes bending and stooping when you’re planting or weeding. Arrange in multiples to create a pleasing and productive garden landscape. The no-tools-assembly kit includes hardware plus plastic protective edging for the top edge.


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